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Finishing Processes

Plating On Plastic

Need a component with a chrome, nickel or gold finish, but don’t want the added weight or regular maintenance of metal parts? Plated plastic components are the solution.

How’s it done?

The procedure for plating on plastic consists of a complex chemical & electro-chemical process. After initial injection moulding, each component goes though total immersion in numerous tanks of solution. As part of this process each moulding has its surface etched at a molecular level, this creates a conductive coating. A layer of Copper and Nickel is then added before the final decorative finish.

This process allows you to make the most of lightweight, flexible and maintenance free plastic materials, but still achieve high quality metal like aesthetics. This is perfect if you are looking for a high-end look on a tight budget, or conscious of the weight penalty of using actual metal components.

With years of experience in designing and moulding components to be decoratively plated, DLS have a strong understanding of optimising designs to minimise development time and moulding wastage. We recommend our early involvement in the design process in order to ensure mouldings have minimal sharp edges, grooves or holes, which can have a detrimental effect on the final finish. Also it is important to take in to account the way in which each moulding is mounted on to the plating jig.

As well as an in depth knowledge of the plating process, DLS sources and uses the best in plating grade plastic materials. All materials used are thoroughly dried using our in house dryers; to ensure all mouldings are ready for plating and surface defect free.

Hot Foiling

Another alternative to consider, if you are looking for chrome or metalised detailing on your component, is hot foil stamping.

The component is placed on a flat surface, the foil material is then held over the top. A metal die is heated and then lowers and presses the foil material against the component. The die and press release and raise back up, the foil material is left on top of the component. This cools, and adheres to the part leaving a shiny, smart finish.

Product Assembly

In order to reduce the manual labour aspect of assembling components into a final product, why not let DLS do the hard work? Based at the DLS site in Grantham is a fully equipped assembly department, where our highly trained operatives put the finishing touches on products. Certain applications dictate that mouldings often need assembling together, sometimes with other fittings such as threaded inserts, springs, fastenings etc, to become a working finalised product.

Our assembly staff are quick and highly efficient, and easily capable of working with small or high quantity orders. Having an experienced design team and manufacturing facility on site also allows us to fabricate tools and jigs to further speed up the assembly process. It may also be the case that one of our off the shelf parts is close to what you require, but needs drilling, cutting or lightly modifying to match the specification you require. This is not a problem and a process that is regularly carried out by our assembly team to a high standard. Alternatively you may want the parts supplied in your branded packaging, or bagged together with other components – we are happy to do what it takes to ensure you are happy with the product you receive and how it is presented.

If your part has intricate detailing, or you are looking for the ultimate high-end finishing touch, call us today on 01476 564549 to discuss plating, hot foiling or assembly requirements.

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