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Below is a list of the 10 most recent DLS news articles from our news blog.

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COVID-19 DLS is open for Business

25 June 2020 14:11:54


Normal office hours: 09:00 – 17:00 weekdays. Telephone +44 (0)1476 564549.
Outside of this time please contact [email protected] and we will get back to you.
We are accepting orders and will supply to your requirements. We are still experiencing some supply chain issues due to Covid disruption. This is not serious and we are confident that we can meet customer requriements. Please telephone if you have any concerns and we will work something out.


DLS Plastics is open as above. So that we can manage deliveries and avoid overcrowding please contact the office 01476 564549 to arrange delivery and ensure that there is someone on site to receive deliveries.


We continue to monitor the situation daily and take action based on Government advice and directives, however we remain positive that we have the ability to manage and serve our customers within this dynamic environment.

Please contact us by telephone urgently (+44 (0)1476 564549) or email [email protected] if you have specific requirements or wish to find out more.

DLS Medical New Website

27 April 2020 09:37:13

news-websiteDuring the lockdown we have been working hard in the background to prepare for our customers returning to some sort of normality. We are re-launching our website which we hope users will find more useful and responsive.

We have put a great deal of effort into improving the product information presented and updated the information available. We are particularly keen to provide details of the service that DLS Medical can provide including Clean Room and on-site, UK based, sterilisation equipment.

The website will continue to evolve, if there are any questions or you require more information please get in touch.

New DLS brochure: Analogue marketing in a digital age

13 August 2019 16:54:52

IMG_5448DLS produced its first product brochure in 1975. All the illustrations were ink drawings and the document was printed using an old photocopier. Fast forward to today’s digital marketing techniques with targetted customer profiling and search engine optimisation. It seems old fashioned to be printing documents and sending them by mail to customers.

Never-the-less many of our long term customers have been asking when we would be printing out next catalogue -so here it is! New customers too find it easier, even though we keep our website bang up to date with new products, to leaf through the pages of our brochure to find the products they want.

IMG_5449We have put a great deal of effort into making sure that the pictures give a clear idea of what the products look like and we have included details of sizes and colours where relevant.

Please get in touch if you would like a copy and if you have any trouble finding the product you need we can help!

In House 3D Printer Improves Product Development

07 January 2019 11:38:03




3D printing is a process in which materials are joined or solidified under computer control to create a three dimensional object. The technology was originally patented in the early 1980’s by an inventor called Chuck Hull who envisaged a system that could create 3D items by building up layers using a cross sectional pattern of an item. Today the 3D printing market is worth $8 billion and the applications of 3D printed solutions are endless. Everyone, from doctors creating organs, skin and bones to NASA 3D printing pizzas for Astronauts to eat, are realising the potential of the fast and efficient process created by 3D printers.

As part of DLS Plastics’ constant strive to provide the best in product development, we now have a Makerbot Replicator Z18 3D printer on site. Having this facility available, allows our design department to place a 3D plastic model of a future product in a customer’s hand to ensure it meets requirements without having to produce an expensive and time consuming injection mould first. This 3D printer in particular is able to produce components as big as 30cm long x 30cm wide and a massive 45cm high, all whilst using the minimal amount of material required. This, combined with the expertise of our in house designers, allows for a much quicker and more efficient product development and fine tuning process – meaning we can deliver perfectly honed final products quicker than ever.

To discuss your injection moulded product requirements with our design or sales team, call today on 01476 564549.




An Oldie But A Goodie: DLS Corner Joints

10 July 2018 10:47:58

According to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Internet access is now a basic human right and they condemn any country that restricts or disrupts their citizen’s access to the world wide web. Rating Internet access just below physiological needs such as shelter, air, food and water shows just how reliant modern society is on gadgets and connectivity.

With advances in technology being made every day, its easy to forget and overlook the simpler things in life – the cornerstones and core components of the world that have been effectively doing their job effortlessly for decades.

Designed to be robust, lightweight and strong, the DLS range of corner joints is just one of these components. Manufactured in the UK, our Single and Double Corner Joints with lids are sold and despatched to destinations all around the world.  These uncomplicated but resilient brackets can create a strong and rigid joint between two pieces of wood with the addition of two screws, then simply press the lid into place to hide the fixings and leave it to do its job. Its this straightforward concept that makes the corner joint so dependable and popular, with over 1 million units being manufactured and sold every year. DLS is able to supply both the Single and Double Corner Joints in a plethora of stock colours, but also offer a colour matching service for customers requiring a unique finish whilst maintaining excellent value for money .

6305 Mod C

6306 Mod 2

So next time you sit down at your desk to access the internet or work on your latest project, spare a thought for the humble corner joint holding that piece of furniture together and consider whether your product would benefit from the strength, support and reliability of a DLS Corner Joint.

Call the DLS Plastics Sales Team today on 01476 564549.





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