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Static Holiday Home, Lodge & Park Home Products.

A wide range of products aimed at the Static Holiday Home, Lodge & Park Home sector, have been developed, using our extensive knowledge of mobile leisure vehicles.

Our range of holiday home ventilation products includes floor vents, gas drop vents and wall vents, as well as high-level ventilation components and roof cowls. All these products are designed to provide efficient ventilation, whilst maintaining subtle aesthetics and not being obtrusive to the design and structure of the holiday home itself.

One of our speciality areas for this sector is heat loss suppression and draught-proofing. We recognise that it’s important to you to manufacture a holiday home that is not draughty and that doesn’t leak valuable, costly warm air. Our vast range of floor and pipe seals allows you to make even the smallest entry point fully sealed, as well as weatherproof and draught proof.

As well as preventing cold air from entering into unwanted areas, it’s important that your holiday home is able to breathe and exhaust hot, stale and moisture-filled air, to help reduce the effects of condensation, mould and bad smells.

Along with manufacturing a vast range of internal fittings, DLS design and manufacture a large selection of products for use externally. These include items such as guttering systems, heavy-duty door retainers, ridge-roof end caps and vent hoods. All these items have been designed to complement the visual appeal of a holiday home, by being moulded in colours to match any external cladding or to provide a contrast to match the roof material. These products are protected using our tried and tested formula for prevention of U.V damage, read more here.

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