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Portable Sanitation Products

Mouldings and components for portable toilets and sanitation units are produced by DLS, using our experience gained from producing reduced size waste systems for leisure vehicles. The range of products includes ¾” sinkwastes, non-return valves, discharge nozzles as well as convoluted hose and sealing sleeves.

We understand that if you’re manufacturing and supplying a portable sanitation unit, you need reliable, durable and good value-for-money components that aren’t going to let your product down and need constant maintenance. That’s why we spend as much time as possible developing designs to be robust and include minimal complicated mechanisms that ensure maximum reliability.

All materials used are specifically selected to ensure that mouldings do not become brittle or break down over time, and remain strong throughout the working life of the unit they’re fitted to.

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If you are interested in our range of portable sanitation products, or have a new component that needs designing, moulding or assembling, get in touch with us today on 01476 564549 and find out what DLS Plastics can do for you.

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