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Marine Products

Our selection of parts for marine applications complement our product range developed for leisure vehicles on land. We produce and stock several internal components that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical as well as being efficient, reliable and significantly lighter than existing solutions.

Many items designed for marine applications, take into account how space is at such a premium – a considerable amount of design time is required to ensure components take up minimal valuable space but still carry out their job efficiently. Our ¾” waste system is a prime example of this space saving innovation. The sinkwastes, flexible hose and connectors are all designed to take up a small physical footprint, but still offer optimum flow of grey waste.

Another consideration for space saving solutions is being clever with storage. We have a number of products aimed at providing storage without eating away at vital space. Some examples are our storage pockets, table storage kits, slim line lightweight television brackets and our plastic cutlery trays.

It’s also critical, when manufacturing or refurbishing a boat, that all external fittings are sealed and adhered well with the correct product. As Bostik stockists we are more than happy to discuss which sealants you require and make recommendations for each application as well as sales.

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