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Horse Box Products

We understand just how important it is to horsebox manufacturers and end users that all components used on horseboxes are strong, reliable and efficient, whilst still being stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

We know that the last thing horsebox owner’s want when transporting their equestrian pride and joy is for components to be unreliable and need constant maintenance.

We have used all our injection moulding knowledge and our experience carried over from years of leisure vehicle component manufacture, to create a range of products that are capable of withstanding knocks and bumps and still do their job efficiently – fit and forget solutions.

An example of this is our range of vents. These are designed to be strong and aesthetically pleasing, but still efficient at dissipating hot, stale and moisture filled air and letting cool, fresh air in to both the horse transportation area and any living area. Other products that work perfectly in habitation areas are our range of grey waste fittings, sink-wastes and hoses, furniture brackets, television brackets and retaining catches.

In addition to our own in house manufactured components, we also supply a range of Bostik sealants and adhesives, which have immense strength, flexibility and are able to withstand the stresses of horse box applications. We stock products to cover all areas, including bonding panels and windows, sealing roofs and outdoor fittings as well as adhering rubber matting. It’s important to ensure all sealant and adhesive products used are designed to combat the corrosive effects of horse urine – contact the DLS sales team today to discuss the best solution.

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