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Boiler & Hot Water Cylinder Products

As consumers become more savvy, and demanding of domestic and commercial boilers and hot water cylinders, manufacturers are having to spend more and more time and money developing their designs and components. In recent years, DLS have been asked to design and develop injection-moulded solutions for UK manufacturers of Boilers and Hot Water Cylinders.

One key area of development is improving the aesthetics of hot water cylinders, and tidying the exterior to make them less of an eyesore. If you are keen to improve the design of the hot water cylinder you manufacture, DLS have the solution. For cylinders that are manufactured with two metal layers and a sandwiched foam layer, we have designed and manufactured flexible hole tidies to cover the larger holes surrounding inlet and outlet pipe work. Not only do the hole tidies create a much neater and more durable solution than is currently available, but they can also have words or symbols moulded onto them to aid installation and maintenance.

We also produce and supply a selection of components that may be of interest if you manufacture or service commercial boilers or domestic boiler systems. The range includes cold-water spreaders, condensate trap kits, plastic caps and convoluted hoses and pipes.

Will plastic components survive in warm water environments?

You may be concerned that items such as cold-water spreaders, that are required to be constantly exposed to warm water, may not have the durability or strength of an equivalent metal part. As part of the development and design process, we ensure that all materials used are rated to deal with heat and exposure to water for long periods of time without becoming brittle or breaking down. Some UK boiler manufacturers have been manufacturing using our cold-water spreader kit for over 10 years, and continue to do so because of its impressive resistance to heat and water and its value for money in comparison to equivalent systems.

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