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Here at DLS we offer a wide range of services, from sourcing the raw materials through the production line and then onto shipping the finished products.
Take a look below at the list of services we offer, or call our helpful sales team on +44(0)1476 564549 to discuss any of our services further or request a catalogue / sample.

Problem Solving, Advice & Expertise

We can help to turn your embryonic product ideas into an engineered reality. We mix cutting edge Computer Aided Design Technology with 35 years of knowledge and experience, to formulate advice to help achieve your stated objectives.
  • Over 30 years of experience in plastic products and all associated materials.
  • Skilled staff with wide range of skill sets covering all aspects of product use.
  • Product range supported by our own research and knowledge base.
  • Weather testing routinely carried out to gauge material performance and colours

Whether you are searching for a design idea or looking to improve production logistic efficiency, we are here to assist in every way we can by using the range of skills at our disposal. Please contact and let us turn that problem into a solution.

Product Design

Computer Aided Design

We use computer aided design software for creation of the original product design and the design of the moulding equipment necessary for manufacture. By combining the two elements in one integrated CAD system the process of product design can be kept as efficient as possible whilst maintaining some degree of flexibility during the process.

Computer Modelling

We use computer software to represent the product under development. Aside from the appearance of the item software is available to assist with the physical characteristics and the behavour of the plastic during manufacture, all of which helps to improve product development before committing to engineering work.

Product Prototyping / Model Making

There are a variety of ways in which we can provide actual physical models of proposed new products. This can range from very sophisticated silicon casts or more simple hand made models. In both cases we aim to ensure that products will meet specification and are a practical solution to a particular problem.

Mould Making

Final component CAD drawings are used by us to create a Mould Tool Design.

We can then bring the design alive by manufacturing the tool, the result being achieved through the use of skilled personnel and computer controlled milling and drilling equipment giving a result unsurpassed in accuracy and quality.


Tools when complete are then used to produce the final component. We have available a wide range of Injection Moulding machines – 23 to 450 Tonne Clamping pressure operated by skilled technicians looking to maximise product potential and quality.

Distribution & Stock Management

A choice of delivery options are available to suit customer preferred supply chain methods. A fleet of vehicles manned by employees with a knowledge of product and customer service skills, can deploy components to managed stations on production lines – kanban style, or alternatively in bulk to a storage facility.

To offer a comprehensive service and compliment DLS manufactured products, a range of fixings and fasteners and sealants relevant to manufacturing facilities can be supplied.

Supply of Products

DLS Manufacture and supply a wide range of products, predominantly plastic and most manufactured at our purpose built site near Grantham, UK. Our product range is supplemented by an increasing range of metal fixings, pipe, sealants and many other ancilliary items that we supply to a diverse customer base.

Products are supplied on normal trade account basis. Alternatively we operate direct to production line "Stock Management Systems" and we have credit card facilities for those customers who have smaller orders.

We are very happy to talk to anyone and hope that we can help meet your needs!

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need help? Call or email us now. For all enquiries please feel free to contact a member of our staff using the details below:
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