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A range of various fixing brackets for furniture assembly and shelf support.

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Joining Plate BeigeJoining Plate Beige (8014000)
Plastic Joining plate.
Joining Plate Short BeigeJoining Plate Short Beige (8015000)
Plastic joining plate short.
Joining Plate Thin BeigeJoining Plate Thin Beige (8016000)
Plastic joining plate thin.
Single Corner Joint & LidSingle Corner Joint & Lid (6305)
Single corner joint & lid, perfect for providing strong joints between two surfaces when building furniture. A range of colours are available.
Single Corner Joint Single Corner Joint  (6305)
Single Corner joint, Colour - a range of colours are available please ask for details.
Double Corner JointDouble Corner Joint (6306)
Double corner joint with lid, to hide mounting screws. Available in a wide range of colours, please ask for details.
1 x 1 Zinc Diecast Bracket1 x 1 Zinc Diecast Bracket (8043460)
1 x 1 Zinc Diecast Bracket. Plastic covers sold separately (Part Code: 8044).
1 x 1 Zinc Diecast Bracket Cover 1 x 1 Zinc Diecast Bracket Cover  (8044)
1 x 1 Zinc Diecast Bracket Cover. This cover fits over the 8043460 zinc diecast bracket, providing an aesthetically pleasing method of hiding mounting hardware etc.
Flap Support Bracket BeigeFlap Support Bracket Beige (6302)
Fold-able flap support bracket, produced in high impact polystyrene and available in various colours.
Shelf Bracket 6mmShelf Bracket 6mm (8601050)
The shelf bracket has a 4mm diameter peg that will bush into the wall of the furniture/cupboard. A 6mm thickness board/glass can be pushed over the flexible retaining barb onto the bracket.
M5 fixing plate M5 fixing plate  (6859)
The M5 fixing plate is produced in an ABS plastic to enable it to be bonded to other surfaces such as vacuum formed sinks and shower cubicles. The bracket can be produced in other materials such as Styrene. L42mm x W12mm x H12mm.
Small Angle Bracket BZP 100Small Angle Bracket BZP 100 (TP000094)
Small angle bracket (bright zinc plated), excellent for providing strong joints when building furniture etc.
M5 Mounting SpacerM5 Mounting Spacer (8318001)
M5 Mounting Spacer. 35mm x 15mm x 5mm.
Multi Angle BracketMulti Angle Bracket (6123101)
Plastic multi angled assembly bracket. L55mm x W43mm x D5mm. Fixing holes 3mm. A range of colours can be produced depending on quantities, please ask for details.
11mm Triangle Bracket 11mm Triangle Bracket  (5040)
11mm Triangle Bracket. A multi use bracket suitable for shelves, beds, etc.
Showing page 1 of 115 items in Fixing/Shelf Brackets
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